America is at a unique point in our history. This is our chance to slow this snowball rolling downhill. So far we have made plans for our future based on our two-party “Super Bowl.” It is time for American citizens to say ENOUGH. We have just spent an agonizing two years listening to politicians whining about the other guys. NEITHER party offered solutions to the mounting crisis-es facing us in the new year.

Joseph Kony

Joseph Kony

The recent shooting has shamed a collective America or it should. We all got upset over the Joseph Kony and many were gun control advocates. Remember how it became a movement on social media. Now we have our own Kony and are busy creating many more. Dead beat Dads, violent video games, bullies, and uncertain futures are creating a society ripe for violence.

American citizens face an uncertain economy where no one is immune to the worry that their job won’t be there tomorrow. Every citizen EXCEPT for elected politicians. Even if voted out they receive a pension and hefty speaking fees. Since they often are independently wealthy before running for office, they cannot possibly understand the American citizens frustration and fear.

Our children are left to raise themselves as their parents, single parent or grandparents must work long hours just to make ends meet. These parents come home to hungry children, notes from teachers, homework not done, and just cannot give the children the loving attention they deserve. These children do not get the innocence, the support, the self-confidence, and the joy that children had in the past. It would probably be shocking at the number of our teens today that have mental illness. Why are we not concerned about this? It could be your child.

Timothy McVay

Timothy McVay

The National Rifle Association and gun owners are fond of saying “People kill people.” I wonder how many people have went on mass murder sprees without guns. What would be another assault weapon that isn’t a gun? Bombs–maybe, Timothy McVay used that one and we started checking for fertilizer at security checkpoint. Assault firearms have been at all other mass killings. When are we going to outlaw them? Or maybe we are going to have to check everyone everywhere to prevent the next mass killing because we do not want to infringe on a sick individual’s cigun promotionvil rights.

We have become a selfish nation. Shoot up our schools but don’t control assault weapons. We want to fire hundreds of rounds quickly regardless of what it kills. Believe it or not, a friend of ours got a ticket for having a gun without a plug to control the number of ammo you can fire while hunting!! So we can pass gun control laws in the name of wildlife but not to save human life. Shame on us, America!!! How can we possible consider ourselves a world leader? We are one of the most violent countries in the world. Who are we to talk about the violence in Africa? We are doing everything in our power to become THE most violent country in the world. I taught school and the one thing ALL foreign exchange students say is their surprise at the number of gun owners and violence in America.

RNC--Hold Obama Accounta

Republican political ad

America has a sick political system that must be fixed or our New Year is going to be a collective nightmare. Our politicians are more concerned with “getting” the other guys. Let’s investigate it must be the other parties fault. Never vote for a bill proposed by the other party. Compromise NEVER…we want to win. It makes me sick. I have voted against all incumbents for the past eight voting cycles, but everyone that runs acts the same way once elected. I say vote them all out and do away with political parties. Politicians should have to answer to citizens. Illegals immigrants and corporations should not have the same influence as an individual citizen. And I have to mention our Supreme Court which gives the rights of voting citizens to corporations once again honoring the politicians that were in control. Aren’t these corporations made up of citizens? Don’t each of those citizens get a vote and get to donate to their politicians of choice? By giving the corporation they work at or control, an equal right to donate aren’t we doubling their rights as citizens? Our electoral system also needs a

DNC - Romney tax ad

Democrat ad

second look. Is there a better way? Should we be held hostage to states that cannot conduct efficient and honest elections? American needs an effective government, not a seizure of control.

My wish for America in the coming New Year would be for all our politicians to become genuinely concerned for America and not their own political party. Rich or poor, our children and citizens bleed when shot. Democrat or Republican, we die. Rich or poor, we suffer when affected by mental illness. Democrat or Republican, we cry.

My wish for America in the coming New Year is for our Congress and President to work together to solve our economic struggles. Get our national budget in place with fair and equitable tax increases and reductions in spending. Compromise, please. My wish for American is for Congress and the President to pass a permanent assault weapons ban and strict background check requirements.

Most of all American citizens must rethink their own lives. It would be nice to think that all Americans are as reasonable and sane and perfect as we ourselves. That is not reality folks! Not all American citizens are nonviolent, peace-loving, and compassionate as we are. Do not pretend that you need that automatic rifle to defend yourself. It only takes one bullet to kill someone. If you feel the need for protection, learn to use a single shot weapon. If you are such a bad shot that you need an automatic weapon, please, for all our sakes, do not own a gun.