According to, almost one third of the world claim to be Christian.  In a poll conducted by ABC News 83% of Americans professes to be Christians. We go about each day without thinking about Jesus or how he would live his day.  Christ lived in this world as a humble poor man, depending on God to provide his needs.  He did not have a home.  After a brief career as a carpenter, he was unemployed the rest of his life.  He was a drifter moving from place to place.  Truly, those of us that profess to be Christians would not have accepted him in our homes. Yet he paid the ultimate and final price for our sins. He healed the sick, fed the hungry and comforted the weary people he met each day.  He loved everyone and lived a life of service. He taught his followers to love God above all, and to love one another above ourselves.  If we truly believe that Jesus is God’s son and that he died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, we would live a life of prayer, praise and empathy.This was brought home to me (literally) by a coworker the other day.  This woman knew that I had been sick and going through a traumatic time.  She made a CD for me with songs of healing and praise to God, scriptures about healing, and prayers for my healing.  She took the time to think of me and pray for me.  She called out to God first and foremost.  She took time off from work and drove 45 minutes to bring the CD to me.  This was probably the most touching thing anyone has ever done for me.

She loved me with the love of Jesus, unconditionally.  Like Jesus, she reached out to someone she knew was troubled and sick. The CD had recordings that she made while reading bible verses of healing, a prayer for healing, and a prayer of praise. I know this took a lot of time and thought.

I realized that I needed an attitude adjustment.  I had been whining to God and complaining about everything when I should have sung his praises. I wasn’t loving God above all else.  I was mourning my loss of abilities, friends and mobility to the extent that I wasn’t living Christian.  If we love God above all else, then he will take care of us.  Jesus Christ lives and our love for him will provide the comfort and peace we need to survive in this world.  God will take care of our physical needs.

I had been having a lot of physical problems and had to make the rounds of doctors.  None of the recent test showed any problems.  The shots are going well, without too many side effects right now.  Most of all my friend opened my eyes, and made me realize I needed to change my focus.  I need to keep God in my heart and soul, first and foremost.  I will have compassion for everyone.  God will take care of all else. Thank you, my friend.